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207: Female Friendships: Part 1 Navigating the Complications with Andi Andrew

This month we’re talking all about female friendships! We don’t know about you, but friendships can be complicated, especially as an adult! In this episode, Havilah has a conversation with Andi Andrew, author of “Friendship – It’s Complicated”!Andi and Havilah dive into what it looks like to heal the wounds we may have within ourselves and what it looks like to walk into a relationship fully YOU! Tune into the restoration journey Andi had with her own mother wounds and what it looks like to have those hard conversations. Hit that play button and tune into this episode to learn:

  • How to heal and enter into relationships with other women
  • How to walk confidently into a relationship fully as yourself
  • How to evaluate if a friendship is healthy or not
  • Lifetime friendships vs seasonal friendships

Friendships are worth the risk. Let’s learn what it looks like to have healthy, authentic friendships together!To hear more from Andi, visit her website at andiandrew.com

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