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206: Focus Series: Part 3: Finances with Samia Pedalino

Join us today for week 3 of our FOCUS series! There’s a lot coming at us in the world and the idea that we can take one small part of our life and focus our full attention on it can change our lives! We’re here to give you bite-sized pieces to change your story! Today we’re focusing on the topic of finances!

Hear from guest speaker Samia Pedalino, author of “Money Handbook”. With her experience in the finance and banking industry as well as being a successful small business owner, she shares with us from both a practical and a biblical perspective!

Explore what it looks like to overcome the fear of finances and learn practical tools to begin changing the way that you view money! The Lord is the one who creates wealth, we just have to give him our yes! We talk about what good debt looks like, where to begin if you’re a new investor, and how to partner with the Holy Spirit to view your finances as sacred.

You can find Samia on instagram @moneyhandbook and her book can be purchased on Amazon or the Bethel bookstore!

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