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208: Female Friendships: Part 2 Finding Your Tribe

Join Havilah as she chats with her core group about how to find your tribe! We know that the only way to do hard things is through community, you have to find people that are in your corner!

In Today’s episode, we are going to empower you to find your group of people!Pull up a chair, get your comfy clothes on, and tune into this episode to learn:

  • Practical steps on what worked and didn’t work for Havilah’s core group
  • How to figure out who to invite
  • What it looks like to commit to consistency and intentionality
  • How to facilitate a group of people going deep

We want to encourage you to be brave and do the really hard thing; just start! You don’t want to step into your greatest breakthroughs in life alone. You want to be surrounded by people who have been through it with you and we’re here to help you find those people!

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