Created TO Hear God

What if the key to hearing Him isn’t trying harder, praying more, or getting a higher degree? What if it’s a simple paradigm shift? God is already speaking. The key is understanding the unique way He speaks to you. Discover 4 Unique and Proven Ways to Confidently Discern His Voice.

Are you ready to discover the unique way He speaks to you?

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I Dream Big. A Bible study to discover your purpose, break free from disappointment, and chase dreams God's way.

In this 20-day study, Bible teacher Havilah Cunnington will come alongside you, build you up, and show you the pathway for chasing dreams with God. 

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I Do Boundaries

This 15-day study shows us how to embrace our power through ownership. Through the study of Jesus’ life, we’ll see how He implemented personal boundaries, which enabled His success. With daily activations, you’ll walk away with confidence to discover your power, protect what matters most, and thrive even in your hardest relationships. 

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What if, instead of feeling paralyzed by fear and pain, you had a plan of action to climb out of your suffering and learned to dream again? You are going to face hard things in life. If you're willing to take the risk and find the courage to change, this 15-day study is designed for your transformation!

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discovering and activating my spiritual gifts

In this 15-day study, Havilah unpacks the nine spiritual gifts that are accessible to every believer and how to activate them in practical ways. Whether you are a new believer or seasoned in faith, this study will help uncomplicate spiritual truths that often leave you wondering if signs, wonders, and miracles can still happen in your life today.

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This guidebook helps you learn how radical love can change your whole life. We’ll take a fresh look at how evidence of self-rejection shows up in our everyday lives, the power of conscious and intentional choice to embrace ourselves, and how this choice makes us radical agents of change in the world around us. 

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With humor and honesty, this easy read lays out practicals to thrive in the face of hardship, enabling us to walk forward in the confidence that because of Jesus, we really are stronger than the struggle. Discern what kind of battles you’re facing, throw off misconceptions you have about spiritual warfare, and understand the spiritual authority you have in Jesus Christ. 

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No one has a vibrant life by accident. This practical guidebook is for those ready to grow their life on purpose, rooted in God’s love towards them, and make a commitment to follow truth. If you need a strategy to live a refreshing spiritual life, then this book is for you. 

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Soul food

Soul Food is a 20-day Bible study journey through the four meals in the Bible and how they reveal the four different “soul hungers” we each have. Feast on the certainty of God’s Word and your everyday life will be nourished as you chew on truth. 

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Eat, Pray, Hustle

Eat, Pray, Hustle is designed to help you understand the attributes of a God Dream. We will uncover what a dream Chaser looks like and how to stay protected from the Dream Killers. In this 20-stay Bible Study we will follow the life of the Bible's biggest dreamer-Abraham.

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