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196: Spiritual Gifts Series, Pt. 1 – A Theological Foundation With Guest Joel Mudamalle

This week we are kicking off the first episode of our Spiritual Gifts Series where Havilah will be discussing the 9 spiritual gifts, what they are and how God uses them and us to reach the world in tangible ways!

But let’s be honest: depending on your upbringing and experiences around spiritual gifts or moves of the Holy Spirit, you might have a preconceived notion of what is or is not biblical. People tend to fall into one of two camps: either really comfortable with gifts of the Spirit or really UNcomfortable or unsure. (Yes, that’s simplifying it!) This episode and Havilah’s new book will build a bridge between both worlds to bring us back to Jesus’ heart and mind on the topic of Spiritual Gifts.

Get your pens ready, because this week’s conversation is with Proverbs 31 Ministries’ Director of Theology and Research – Joel Mudamalle – where Havilah asks him to set a theological foundation for our journey into discovering and activating our Spiritual Gifts.

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