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197: Spiritual Gifts Pt 2 – Uncomplicating Spiritual Gifts (with guest Francis Anfuso)

Francis Anfuso was an atheist before he had a radical encounter with the Lord during his conversion. When he started to consider ministering to others, he didn’t want to be disingenuous or inauthentic. He looked at the evangelists, preachers and church leaders at the time and he didn’t want to look like them or sound like them. He never loved labels, but rather, functions. How do you function? He wanted to function like Jesus. How did Jesus function while He was on the earth? Answer: A continuous dependence on God. Listen in as Havilah and her father talk about how activating your spiritual gifts is best done in low-stakes environments. It should be with friends, neighbors, family, not with a mic in your hand on a stage. Get ready to take notes this week because you will learn practical ways to operate in your spiritual gifting in your every day life as Francis and Havilah uncomplicate the topic of Spiritual Gifts.

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