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195: Doing Holidays Differently

In the Cunnington household this year, we are going to do the Holidays differently. We are contemplating what matters most in life and we know that our podcast community is doing the exact same thing. Feel like the world is a dark place? Today you’ll get to meet mom and substitute teacher Norah – who tells her life story as the youngest of 6 children growing up in Uganda. Norah’s story will bring you joy! Everything that the holidays are supposed to be about – good gifts, joy, peace, love and the light of Jesus… is wrapped up in this powerful testimony.

Hallmark movies and cozy candles have nothing on this podcast for getting you in the Christmas spirit! Our core values in the Cunnington home and at Truth to Table are generosity and a spirit of giving back in tangible ways. As a mama, I’m raising global citizens serving the God of the Universe who loves every child of every nation. To release children from poverty in Jesus’ name is the mandate on our hearts as we walk into this holiday season. Xx- Havilah

Listen in as Havilah shares about her BIG GOAL for our community! Text TABLE to 83393 to join Havilah and our TTT team in bringing life and freedom for children in need – putting your faith into action.

This is a spirit of adoption God wants us to embody – and it can be a way to gift your own children the opportunity to put their faith into action.

We love you. You’re special. You’ll make it.

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