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182: Boundaries and Family featuring Dr. Alison Cook

Family of origins is tricky especially in the faith space There’s the verse: “Honor your father and mother in the Lord for this is right.” So how do we reconcile that and live with healthy boundaries and apply them to our family of origins? Isn’t it disrespectful to come up against your parent’s wishes and say ‘no’?

This week licensed therapist Dr. Alison Cook @alisoncookphd is on the show and shares about how honoring our parents isn’t about how they feel, but rather, about becoming the person God wants us to be. Dr. Cook and Havilah about how to set boundaries in the relationships in life that tend to be the relationships that are the most sticky: family. Nothing is off-limits, we talk about relationships with mothers, in-laws, children, what does actual toxicity in a relationship look like? We took questions we heard from you on socials and got answers straight from Dr. Cook! Listen in and find out the key signals that clue you in that there is an issue with unhealthy boundaries in your life.