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183: Boundaries and Work

How do you set Boundaries in your workspace and still work with integrity? Having boundaries in the workplace is the kindest thing you can do for your employers. When you figure out your YES’s – your core values – your NO’s will get really clear. Your boss doesn’t burn you out – YOU burn you out. You train your employers what access they have to you. That doesn’t make you a bad employee it makes you more reliable and trustworthy. Boundaries are FOR us, not AGAINST someone else. Showing up like a spiritual grownup means you set boundaries, which is showing up more obediently to God. We serve God and not man; a fear of man will likely result in boundary issues in the workplace. Being clear on the boundaries of your role and duties, your boss’s role and duties and what hours you will be able to work to produce with excellence and bring maximum value to your role and responsibilities is foundational. Then, sticking to it and not allowing guilt or shame to run the show is the key to maintaining boundaries in your work! What did you think of this episode? Let us know in our socials! Can’t wait to hear from you on Facebook and Instagram – tag us in your stories + posts! @truthtotable @havilahcunnington