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181: Boundaries in Marriage

Boundaries in marriage might sound like it’s a contradictory statement. Anyone else have a hard time knowing how to be ‘one’ with someone while also maintaining boundaries? The biggest question I get when speaking is “How do I know I’m in unity and still say no when it’s healthy?” Following the example of the Trinity and God and creation we find some key markers for how boundaries in marriage work. There is no whole, pure love where there is no power of choice. Distinctly different entities and yet they are wholly and fully God as one. Living powerfully means you don’t need to wait for anyone else to participate. You living the abundant life only requires one participant: YOU. He knows how to make 2 one – but He also doesn’t require us to lose ourselves for the sake of our spouse. Are you showing up wholeheartedly in taking ownership of your attitudes, choices and feelings and stewarding them in a way that doesn’t require your spouse’s participation? Listen in as Havilah shares a real, personal story that illustrates how Boundaries in marriage work and unpacks how it plays out in real life when you partner with the Holy Spirit.