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180: Restorative Singlehood

Join Havilah in the last of a relationship series for those who are in a season of waiting or singleness. This week, Havilah invited Courtney Cruz, a Truth To Table staff member to share her story of not waiting well and how that played out in her life. Married at 21, Courtney’s dream life of doing ministry and starting a family was turned upside down pretty quickly. What transpired after that was messy. Single parenthood, more than one marriage and divorce, the consequences of chasing her dreams over God’s best carried a heavy price. Hear Courtney’s journey of trying to write her own love story and chasing after her own romantic dreams and what it took for God to get her fully to Himself. Listen in as Havilah chats with her about how Ishmaels get created when we aren’t willing to wait for our Isaac and the beauty and hope that await those that truly surrender to allow God to write the story for their lives.

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