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179: Cunnington Catch Up

Havilah is back with another behind the scenes peak of what’s going on in the Cunnington world.

Tune in to hear some vacation tips and how they make vacations cost effective, thoughts about their eldest going into high school this year, and are the Cunnington’s moving?!

If you heard Havilah’s latest Cunnington Catch Up, you know they were on their way to Nashville. (If you haven’t heard it, stop and go listen to episode 172 first!)

Have you ever asked God the question, “What’s next?” Hear how Havilah and her family walked through this process with Him and what He showed, or didn’t show, them through it.

Did you hear about everything Havilah and her family had to go through when they realized Grayson’s passport had expired RIGHT before they left for vacation? It was an eye-opening experience! Get the full story that you didn’t get on socials.

“I don’t know what He’s going to do. All I know is that as long as I’m where God has me, that’s all that matters, and if He has me somewhere, I’m going to give it all I’ve got.” – Havilah Cunnington

The Cunnington fam just got back from vacation. Her family started going to Cabo, Mexico when Havilah was 19 years old, and they’ve gone back ever since. Hear a cool testimony that her dad played a role in and find out all the details about how you can save money on your next vacation! Because you NEED to get away, get rest, and refresh. And it’s possible to do without getting into debt and feeling stressed the whole time.

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