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178: Singled Out in a Couple’s World featuring Christa Smith

Always a bridesmaid and never a bride? Ever feel advertised as the token single girl who everyone is trying to marry off? Christa Smith knows how you feel. There is a constant message of: you need to be in a relationship. And that singleness is a curse. That is not Godly, and not Truth. Being single is not a bad thing. A journey of singleness is an invitation to truly trust God with your life. Do not settle for a relationship that is anything less than God’s best, which will always be first and foremost: HIM. Learn what will help shift your perspective from a place of waiting to a place of contentment. Hear about what specific tips Christa has for you in your season of waiting and find out WHY your single years are not ‘filler years’ until you get married. Shift your perspective from waiting to be chosen to a place of a God-focused, empowered place of CHOOSING. Healed and whole marriage doesn’t happen unless you are actively chasing being healed and whole as a single person. Listen in as Christa brings the fire as she shares the top keys to lean in and maximize the power of your singleness. “Look to the future but don’t forfeit the present of what God is doing now.” – Christa Smith

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