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177: Contentment While Contending for the Dream featuring Christa Smith

You can’t run from the waiting! In this episode, Havilah interviews and chats with Christa Smith, Pastor, Preacher, Teacher and Author. Content while contending for what you want. If God isn’t enough for you now, in the absence of something, He won’t be enough when you get it. In order to get to a place of contentment, you have to grieve what you don’t have. Often times the depths of your desire will connect you with the true surrender needed to carry the dream that awaits you. Listen in as Christa shares about the journey of singleness that lasted far longer than when she wanted. When you aren’t in an ‘encounter’, can you still walk out your declaration? We believe that this episode is for the single woman OR the woman who is in a painful season of waiting or who is facing longsuffering. You will find freedom in the encouragement Christa has for you, through her inspiring story and deep wisdom.

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