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176: The Secrets to Waiting Well

Are you content while contending for God’s future for you? Often times we think we are ready, but really, we aren’t. God is preparing our minds and our bodies to carry the responsibility that lies ahead. Anyone else been in love with love? Anyone have their future spouse ‘checklist’? That’s right, I see you. Laying our romantic lives down in front of God is not easy. Waiting on God to bring you the things that are the deepest desires of your heart is really hard. But spoiler alert: the waiting never ends. Even if you get the one thing, there is always something else you’re waiting for. When God asks us to wait, He doesn’t give us a time frame. His timing is not our timing. Even if He says suddenly, that doesn’t mean it’s our definition of ‘suddenly’. God likes to keep the mystery. In this episode, Havilah reveals the two things you can control in the waiting season: how you wait and who you become in the journey. Listen in as she unpacks the rich treasure that awaits you in the waiting.

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