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175: Feed Your Faith, Starve Your Fear

Going back to basics, we are going to talk about how to starve your fear and feed your faith. Fear can be good for us, it can protect us. But sometimes our fear gives us the problem but not the solution. That’s where FAITH comes in. Faith provides the solution. Havilah goes through many fears we all face and what the solution is!

We don’t want you to dismiss facts. That’s delusional. God sees fact and truth differently.

John chapter 11 – God does not need additional motivation to set you free, to heal you, to save you. We believe if God cared, He’d save us right now. He’d move on our behalf right now. Often times we get the promise, the prophesy, and we wonder what the holdup is. We feel God is holding out on us. But keep in mind, sometimes it takes time in our stories to give us the promise AND give God the glory. Don’t give up hope! People blow up their lives in the waiting. People start to take over because they feel the waiting is ‘too long’. Waiting on God is tough. If you don’t hang on to the vision of what God promises is coming… you will never birth the gift of the promise. If you don’t know what you’re getting at the end of the struggle, you will bail in the middle of the waiting. Because NOW you have an opportunity to see God and actually TRUST Him. This is a prophetic word for you: You aren’t meant to get everything you wanted in this season. Because learning that God is who He says He is and that He can do what He says He can do is the real gift. Listen in to hear this and MORE truthbombs Havilah drops this week!

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