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82: Overcoming Shame

In this episode, I talk about how shame is the result of sin. We can’t live on this earth without bumping into shame. Going our own way is called sin and sin ultimately leads to shame. The shame we feel can leave us feeling helpless and cause us to hide; condemning and discounting ourselves. But not all shame is bad! Why? Because shame can lead us back to God! It is an invitation and opportunity to reconnect with Him and to reach out to our Savior.

The enemy wants to put your shame on display and then he wants to keep you there. The Father does the complete opposite; He covers you and then calls you back into the light and into His arms. When shame is experienced, we do not need to stay there and hide. Jesus’ sacrifice gave us the incredible gift of repentance. If we allow our shame to lead to lead us to repent, it can lead us back to Him. So come out of hiding and reconnect with Him.