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79: Sustaining Abundance

In this episode, I talk about how we grow and develop our lives especially when we find we are struggling and it feels like we are walking on water.

What you are feeling today may not be directly linked to what you invested in today, prayed today or developed today. Everything is because of yesterday. The Bible is very clear that we will reap what we’ve sown, however, what we don’t often realize is that our harvest is directly linked to what we’ve sown long ago.

Where are we sowing today in order to reap next year?

How are you stewarding what God has given you so that you can double it by next year? What do you want to reap in 2019? It’s important to take ownership of the seeds we’ve been given to sow and steward them well because He wants to entrust more to us.

Don’t be discouraged by the doing, step out in confidence and keep going because you are going to reap a great harvest in the future.