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67: A Special Announcement

Today I have some exciting news to share with you! Every January over at Truth to Table we take thousands of you through a Bible study. We have had over 100 nations tune in and it quickly became an unintentional God-moment. Growing up, I often struggled and had to overcome many mountains. My goal for this book is to be your tour guide through the mountains and spiritual struggles you face. We will uncomplicate your spiritual battle by answering questions like, what it looks like to be empowered and how to know exactly what you are doing. We all struggle, so what are we missing?

I invite you to come and sit at my kitchen table this January and spend some quality time receiving down-to-earth tools that will help you overcome your daily struggles. It is completely FREE but I do recommend you pick up a book for an even better experience.

Purchase your book here: http://amzn.to/2zAAY0b

How to join the FREE study?

Visit www.truthtotable.com/strongerthantthestruggle/book-club and SIGN UP for FREE.

We’ll walk chapter by chapter through the book. Invite your friends to join and let’s spend 6-weeks becoming Stronger than the Struggle!