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66: Stronger than the Struggle

Have you ever been in a spiritual situation that has left you more confused than empowered?

In this Podcast episode, I share a story of the first time I witnessed something spiritual happen. I talk about how it left me confused and terrified.
It wasn’t until I started to read and study the idea of spiritual battles that I was reminded of this moment.
Many of us have experienced things like this happen, and people have shut it down.

Our spiritual battle was never meant to be fear-driven and something we can’t talk about. We were born into battle.
We must understand that we can’t be ignorant of the enemy’s schemes (2 Corinthians 2:11).

When we decide to live for Christ, we are stronger than any struggle we will ever face. Does this mean we will never face any struggles? No, because we still live in a fallen world.
But why does He allow all these struggles? God in his mercy does not interrupt our free-will because controlling love is not real love. No one is immune to the struggle, but our firm foundation in our faith is that we have a living hope in the midst of a hopeless world.
We are stronger than the struggle because we have Christ living within us.

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