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51: Living Emotionally Whole

Today on the podcast I have a special guest to share with you; my friend, Josh Cearbaugh. We have built a friendship over the past four years and have seen each other’s families grow and thrive in many ways.

Josh is a Life Consultant who leads people through internal transformation; connecting people to their heart, identifying areas where they find themselves stuck, and creating practical strategies to transition us to a place of thriving.

Oftentimes, the places where we get stuck are the very places God wants to give us the most freedom so we can help others who are stuck in the same environment.

Josh shares how he walked through a season where he didn’t give his emotions a place in his life; they had no value and were pushed aside. During this time, he didn’t know how to care for himself emotionally or process through pain; it resulted in an emotional and physical breakdown that manifested through a lack of safe environments.

He decided that he could either stay in that place or climb out of the pit. He chose to fight for his emotional health and process through emotions and deep places of pain. Walking through his past experiences, he began to dismantle areas of pain and bring healing. It began a passion for seeing others walk in freedom; helping to identify the root cause of their lack and create steps to wholeness. Thus began his consulting practice.

Josh has also created an invaluable resource called the Jumpstart Your Life eCourse; pulling from years of developing the most effective tools and philosophies to see tangible change in the people he has worked with in his practice. He has invited each of you to take a free quiz that walks you through 26 easy questions on emotional well-being. You will also receive an exclusive discount for 50% off the eCourse enrollment!

TAKE THE FREE QUIZ NOW: jumpstartyourlife.com/eq

I couldn’t recommend this course more! In order to get our hearts to a healthy place; we need to be willing to respect our hearts, to validate our emotions and, give ourselves a voice. Having the tools in our lives that equip us to walk through these seasons is vital to our well-being.

To learn more about Josh and the Jumpstart Your Life eCourse, visit: jumpstartyourlife.com

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