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49: Learning to hear God’s voice in your everyday life – Pt. 1

In this podcast, I unpack each of the four overarching truths to hearing God’s voice so you can tune into Heaven’s design for your life! I also mention a FREE quiz you can take to better discover your own unique way of hearing God’s voice.

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To be honest, I found it shocking to discover that most men and women who follow Christ wholeheartedly are unsure that they are hearing God’s voice on a daily basis.

This reality took me on a journey of translating the way we each uniquely hear the Lord so I could teach others. It shouldn’t be confusing or something we wonder about; we CAN be clear when it comes to recognizing His voice.

1. We were all created to hear God’s voice, but we all hear differently.
2. We need to learn the filter by which we hear His voice.
3. We need to have permission to hear Him differently than other people.
4. We need to practice hearing His voice.

Many times we can feel less than, lost, or confused because we struggle to hear His voice in our lives. But, just because you need to work at something, doesn’t mean you weren’t created for it.

You were created to hear His voice. Don’t give up; keep digging in.

TAKE THE FREE QUIZ HERE –> bit.ly/tttquiz

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