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251. March Mindset Series Part 3

As we continue to talk about renewing the mind, I was thinking of the Asbury revival that broke out on February 8th 2023 and went until the 24th. This revival broke out in Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky.

As I reflected on the concept of renewing the mind, I am reminded that everything happens for a reason. God has orchestrated a revival to take place in this generation, after the pandemic, in a place where people develop their intellect. He wants to emphasize that without the mind of Christ, knowledge, connections, and possessions are meaningless.

It’s important to realize that before we came to Christ, our minds were not neutral but rather hostile towards God. Those who do not believe in God or live for Him are not just indifferent to the mind of Christ but actively oppose it, as the enemy does not want the thoughts of God to prevail in our world. A renewed mind aligns with the Spirit. Our thoughts act as filters and determinants, serving as our GPS on our journey of growth. Our thoughts ultimately dictate our destinations.
Hope you join us all this month to dive into this topic and get practical steps.

Have a great week and thanks so much for tuning in today! Make sure to share this podcast with your friends and stay tuned for the rest of the purpose challenge!

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