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221: Summer Series: Every Day Wins – #1 Spiritual

Starting this week, we’re jumping into our Summer Series – 10 Every Day Wins! Havilah has been sitting with this idea for several years and she’s ready to bring it to you now! She’s covering 10 wins that she wants to win and wants YOU to win in, too. So much of life is about winning in the everyday moments, not just one big moment.

Today, we’re jumping into our spiritual win.
I share how to keep it simple and keep it spiritual. I’m diving into the importance of getting back up again instead of giving up, why we need to be creative along the way and staying authentic through it all.

If you need some ideas and practical things to do to win in your everyday spiritual life, this episode is for you!

Thanks so much for tuning in today. Make sure to share this episode with a friend and stay tuned for the rest of our Summer Series and 9 more everyday wins with special guests along the way!

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