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220: Rejection, Abandonment, and Building more Confidence

This week on the podcast, we’re chatting all about rejection, abandonment, and building confidence.

My dad’s story was one of abandonment, self-rejection, and a lack of confidence but once he found Christ, he was able to go after those things and find healing. I was raised in a home of love, connection, and safety but that generational thread that followed my dad through his life wanted nothing more than to knock on my door. I had the realization that the spirit of rejection and abandonment wanted to follow my story as well.

The narrative of self-rejection and abandonment can sound so familiar in our thoughts that it doesn’t even sound surprising to us. When we hear those negative narratives in our minds, we have a decision to make. We can either go into self-pity, or we can stay open to the people around us and realize God divinely orchestrates everything in our life. We have to learn how to reject self-abandonment in those moments.

Thanks so much for tuning in today! We have to break up with these narratives in our minds that keep us from living fully free!

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