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202: FOCUS Series Part 1: Focus Academy’s Shawn Blanc

This is the first of our FOCUS SERIES going the entire month of January to get us on solid footing in 2022. I hear from so many of you and the challenges, roadblocks and distractions that keep you from stepping fully into your purpose all boils down to FOCUS.

To kick off the series you’ll meet Shawn Blanc, long time friend of Ben and Havilah’s and focus+productivity coach with 20 years under his belt helping tens of thousands of people get clear and meet goals that previously eluded them.

In this conversation with Shawn and Havilah you’ll learn how focus is about having clarity about what really matters to you. Learn practical ways of how to fight back against the tyranny of the urgent. We all know how easy it is to get caught up in the moment of what is demanding your attention right ‘now’.

Learn how to schedule what matters – and how to follow through!

Shawn will outline what the 6 main areas of your life are and how to prioritize those. Take a deep breath and extend yourself some compassion: It’s impossible to give your attention to everything all the time. In the midst of hustle culture it’s easy to forget that amidst the noise.

As you head into 2022, realize that what got you here might not be what carries you any further. At the end of today’s episode you’ll be confident in knowing if what you’ve been doing is serving your goals moving forward and how to take action toward what is serving your goals!

Also, if you want to get connected to Shawn’s Focus Course Academy you can find that HERE.

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