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201: Spiritual Gifts Series Pt. 5 – Deborah Giles – Obey and Release: Supernatural Spirit-Led Living

THIS WEEK IS THE PINNACLE OF OUR SPIRITUAL GIFTS SERIES and the perfect way to close out 2021 and step into 2022 destined for greater things than you imagined. If you’ve found this podcast, you are meant to hear this. This is a divine appointment. You haven’t found this podcast by accident.

This week’s guest is Deborah Giles, a profound prophetic voice to many world leaders. Havilah and Deborah discuss spiritual gifts, living a spirit-led life and a prophetic gifting through the avenue of dreams.

Are you in a wilderness and wondering if God has simply brought you here to leave you? Growing your gifts might happen in a dark place where you’re simply keeping your head above water. God takes you to the place where you are done leading and you have to surrender and wait to see what God has for you. This is your sign: It’s time to shake off old concepts and mindsets of how you think God works.

Hear Deborah’s story where she did this and used her spiritual gifts to build her business and start over in the marketplace at 38 years old and turn her business into ministry. We are called to be spiritual in the atmosphere we are placed in – it’s not in silos – God wants to bring the supernatural to whatever you are doing in the natural. Living a spirit-led life happens in the midst of whatever God has placed in your hand! Ministry doesn’t happen in the 4 walls of the church, it happens when you steward the natural with God’s supernatural power of spiritual gifts!

This episode is so full of wisdom and gold you will fill pages if you’re a note taker. You can find Deborah on Instagram at @deborahgiles where you can see first-hand all that God is doing in and through her!

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