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168: What’s The Big Deal About Boundaries?

Loving ourselves and others well begins with healthy boundaries! Just in time for Valentine’s Day Havilah shares what the big deal is about boundaries. Our world consists of boundaries. It’s easy to see them all around us. We’ve built fences, signs, walls, and hedges. We’ve created cities, counties, states and countries. We use them to clarify ownership. These lines help us know who owns what and where. Once we know who the owner is, we know who is responsible. The owner of the property is legally responsible. The non-owner isn’t. As our physical world has boundaries, so, too, our spiritual world. They are harder to see, but just as important.

Boundaries don’t just keep the good in, but also keep the bad out.

Listen to week 2 of our I Do Boundaries series as Havilah unpacks how boundaries keep us from harm and protect safe and healthy love.

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