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167: Boundaries: Why Am I So Tired

The first of our I Do Boundaries series, Havilah begins to walk us through finding our power, finding out how to protect what matters most to us and to stop feeling bad about it. Being nice out of fear doesn’t work and people-pleasing will keep us stuck in the cycles of powerlessness that we are trying to break away from. Learn how to do the right thing, when the right thing won’t make everyone happy. Being at war with the internal narratives you have about people’s opinions of you and the affect/perceived control you have over it can be confusing. Good news: you don’t have to betray who you are to make others comfortable! Likely, being a good Christian girl isn’t what you’ve been taught it is. Where do your responsibilities end and others’ begin? Find out as you listen in to this week’s episode as Havilah begins to walk you through interrupting the pattern of making others happy and empowering you to live life the way God wants you to! Get ready to show up in the world as the powerful person He created you to be.

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