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106: Working Through Fears and Constraints

Today I have a special guest with me. Not only is he my baby-maker and the love of my life but he is also my business partner and ministry partner. We were having a conversation in our kitchen, and I thought this would be something you could benefit from too.

We’ve been running Truth to Table full-time for two and a half years now, and we feel like we are no longer in survival mode. We now ask ourselves, how do we move forward? I’ve been struggling with knowing when certain thoughts are fear or wisdom. A lot of the hesitations I have are not grounded in wisdom but in fear of going without. It’s been hard for me to admit because I usually would not say I’m a fearful person but more of a risk-taker. But when I’m not doing well, I grow resistant towards situations and people due to fear. I’ve had to do some work internally to get rid of that child-like fear of being trapped in a painful situation.

In this podcast, I want to share with you how I work through these fears and constraints.

I hope this encourages you today and that you can learn from my story.

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