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105: The Wilderness with John Bevere

Today I have a special guest and friend on the podcast with me, John Bevere. We will be talking about the wilderness season together and how God takes us through different seasons in our lives.

God allows us to go through the wilderness to develop character. God told David, he would be king, but then David had to go through the process, which is the wilderness. Joseph was given a dream but was forced to go the exact opposite direction of that dream to be ready for the promise. God wants to put us into a place of influence, but we need the character first. We don’t always go through this season because we did something wrong but because we need it to go where He’s called us to go.

Promise. Process. Promotion.

In the wilderness, it feels like God’s presence is far away from us and the promises He made us even further. But when you understand the purpose of the wilderness, you have the proper behavior to grow through it. If you don’t steward the wilderness properly or understand it, you will never understand what the promise holds.

It is so important that we have the right tools, wisdom, and encouragements in this season to endure it and grab hold of its purpose.

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