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100: Living Present to Your Purpose on the Planet

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A couple of months ago I was having one of those days where I couldn’t get it together. Everything was irritating me, and I was having a hard day. At one point my youngest son was trying to get my attention. I asked him what he wanted, and he replied, he had forgotten how beautiful I was. It was a moment that took my breath away but also showed me a parallel of how God sees us. We’re so busy doing life and dream chasing that we forget what God thinks about us.

In this podcast episode, I want to talk to you a little bit about my new study “Leap into Love.” The reason I wrote this study was that there was a part in my journey where it wasn’t until I was able to accept myself in a profound way that I was able to become a vital voice.

This study is more than just dealing with self-rejection and finding inner healing. It’s about learning to live present in our everyday life and to accept ourselves for who we are. It is the secret to living full-heartedly.

This brand new Bible study starts on January 22nd and includes 4 LIVE teaching nights, plus 20 short daily videos where I’ll teach 6-8 minutes through the Leap into Love book. *You don’t need the book to join, but it’s a great resource to dive deeper.

I’d love for you to pass this along to a friend and join me for this special 4-week journey to Living Present to our Purpose on the Planet.

P.S This is the last week you can pre-order the book for just $ 12, so grab one for you and a friend and sign up today!

I can’t wait to have you!

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