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I Do Hard Things Study Packs

It’s been an incredible 20 days together! With over 10,000 people going through our I DO HARD THINGS Study. We have received reports from all over the world of God touching lives, changing hearts and helping each one climb out of pits of pain and into promise as you have taken on your hard stuff. You guys are AMAZING!

As the emails have come and the love has been sent, the requests for this study to be shared, played, and revisited past the 20 day mark could not be ignored … YOU wanted more! We heard you. We went to work asking friends and colleagues  what was the best way to make this happen for you? What would work in real life?

We’ve gone ahead and packaged it for those interested in owning this  study. I Do Hard Things can now be apart of your personal libary without requiring an internet connection.

We have 3 packs to choose from

(click on the picture below to view and pre-order the study packs)

                                                           IDHT 1000x1000-audio pack