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How To Spiritual Grow in a Busy Life?

Did you get the invite? I hope you did!!!

I’ve been hosting a Facebook Mini Master Class every day on my Facebook page entitled, “The Top 5 Things People Want In Their Spiritual Life But Can’t Seem To Get.”

I’m spending some time sharing tips I have NEVER shared before. I like to think of them as showing you the quickest path to your destination. I believe we all could use a little simplicity when it comes to our spiritual path. Just saying!

So today I’m going to give you 5 Killer tips so that when you DO start focusing on your spiritual life, you’re gonna have an UBER advantage.

1. You Need A Plan
“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
Keep it simple but put together a simple plan for success.

2. Automation
The only way to grow your capacity is to automate your activity.
Ask yourself, “What can I turn into a habit?”

3. Determine if your an audible learner or a visual learner.
Knowing the difference will help you determine the best path for you.

4. Same Time, Same Place
Habits make our brains happy. Eventually, your brain and body will signal you towards your values.

5. Know Your Season
Each season is different and requires sacrifice, grace, and permission.

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