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DAY 19: Expect Success

Leaders don’t always get success but they should always expect it!

Lets go back again to the story of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17 :35-37.

Secrets To Success

David gives us a few secrets to DOING HARD THINGS that led to His success!

The first thing we see about David is that his faith was in the Lord. His first phrase says it all, “The Lord who…” It’s important to understand the Lord is the One who leads us and gives us success. He is the author of fulfilled promises. He understands our need for greatness because He put it there. Once David understood it was the Lord who was helping him, his faith grew. He understood the greatness of God, placed upon his small frame and personal gifts, allowed him to expect victory. David’s faith grew so big it overpowered his fear. We talked a lot about this in Week Two but until our fear is overcome by our faith, we will see little spiritual promotion. Doing HARD THINGS well must begin with, “The Lord who…” if we are to see success at all.

Secondly, we find when David is attacked, he doesn’t just let the enemy come after him and then scare him away. David turns to go after him to kill him. Some of us get caught in allowing the enemy to continue to pick on us and provoke us. We will only deal with him when we’ve had enough. This is not what a leader does! A leader doesn’t wait to be picked on over and over again, before finally rising up and dealing with it. But rather, a leader goes after it immediately. Understanding what’s at stake. David understood if the lion or the bear ate one of his sheep, they would come back in a stronger confidence to take more sheep. David didn’t just chase the bear or the lion off, he went after them, and killed them. This is a great spiritual principle! The next time the devil comes after you, don’t let him hang out. Get up and fight him with the Word of God and shut him up. We can’t expect victory if we’re not willing to fight with complete abandon and commitment.

Thirdly, we see David used this phrase, “The Lord who rescued me… Will rescue me!” David is saying, “If He did it then, He’ll do it again!” This should be our mantra as Christ followers.

I want you to say this 10 times out loud…

“If He did it, He’ll do it again!”

Our expectation in Christ creates faith! Faith pleases God and creates evidence. David’s faith in God (his history in Him) allowed him to expect victory. When David spoke the words, “God would do it again,” I would suggest God responded. The Bible says God responds to faith! (see Luke 17:5) How do we know that David’s expectation rested in the Lord? Because the Bible says it. Turn to Psalms 62:5. Please write it down here …

I love how the Message Bible states it.

“God, the one and only—
I’ll wait as long as He says.
Everything I hope for comes from Him,
so why not?”

I love this thought. Why not expect? Why not hope? Why not believe for success? David did and so can you.

Remember, no one can believe for you! No one can expect God like you can. God responds to your faith. As we have looked today at the characteristics of a leader who expects victory, I want to encourage you with this thought: The Lord who has done it, will do it again. He loves to get us out of pits to walk in freedom and thrive!