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92: Get Off The Couch

Sometimes we give ourselves too much permission to sit on the couch of life and throw a pity party. Maybe you find that your deep conversations end up reciting past failures and disappointments? One of the greatest traps of doing HARD THINGS is the “Why Me?” trap. It’s a place where the enemy wants us to believe that God somehow actually gave us more than we could handle.

He wants us to believe that instead of God being a good Father to us, we are left to depend on ourselves. The enemy tries to convince us that God is not a present Papa but rather a forgetful Father. That He is someone who likes to give us more than we can handle, only to watch and judge us for our lack of ability to follow through and do them well. It’s a lie that we can easily buy into!

The enemy likes us to stay in our pit. He will try to get us to buy into any lie he can in order to keep us bound, never victorious, and always feeling defeated. The enemy knows that if he can get us to take these HARD THINGS as a personal assault from God, we will no longer believe that He is a good God but a lying and deceitful God, who likes to punish His people. If we believe this lie, we will stay in the pit and our inner lives become dark and cold without hope.

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