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89: A Positive No

On this week’s podcast, we learn about the art of saying yes and no. If we say yes to everything, we aren’t saying “yes” to the things that matter most. Havilah outlines how to use positive “no’s” in our Intentional Boundaries series.

A defense mode is when we sense a threat coming. Our brain automatically puts into motion into the 3 F’s category
– Fight
– Flight
– Freeze

A discovery mode is when our focus is to open up and to learn. It allows our mind to stay open to new possibilities, concepts and belief systems.
The key is to stay in discovery mode!

It’s important how we communicate our “no’s”. When we put other people in defense mode by our words, it actually doesn’t allow them to see our positive no. We want them to feel appreciated, valued and to keep them in discovery mode.

Book: How to Have a Good Day by Caroline Webb

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