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64: 5 Keys to a Peaceful December

In this Podcast episode Havilah shares some thoughts on how to navigate your December.
The more you have going on, the more critical it is to have a strategy. There is a downside of December and the feelings it provides. A lot of us have expectations that come with Christmas-time, but the reality is completely different.

Havilah gives you 5 keys to a peaceful December

Admit you have expectations. If you do not admit it, you will feel more and more disappointed when reality hits you. This is called maturity. What are you expecting and what are your limitations?
What is most important to you? What feeling do you want to have during this season? Sometimes these are two different things.
Schedule things to facilitate your feelings. What can you do to connect with your people, God and yourself?
Set expectations for others. You need to get in a place of throwing things, not always catching. People have expectations, but if you know you can’t do it all, you have to say no.
Consider January. You cannot ignore January in December because it will slap you in the face when it comes. But if you consider it now, you will love it when it comes. Think about the feeling you want when the new year kicks in. Set it up right now, so you are not left with surprises and disappointment.

We hope this helps you today and that your December will be peaceful.