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58: Keeping the Transition Clean

Today on the podcast, Havilah and Ben continue talking about transitions.

You can’t force transition, and if you make something happen while depending more on your strength than on Gods, you will always wonder if you made it happen or if God did.

He cannot lead us if we are not walking. Sometimes it’s trying to see if the door will open and we can walk through it rather than waiting around. God will be gracious enough to shut the door if it’s not the right way. Our motives must be open to hearing what God is saying. We shouldn’t try and make things happen ourselves, but we also shouldn’t be fearful of making a mess.

Life comes in assignments. We might have big dreams or are in pursuit of figuring that dream out but whatever we are doing right now is our assignment. It’s not our identity, and we don’t become more valuable by entering into the next season. Being obedient to our next assignments helps us connect the things we don’t understand.

Try to keep the process clean, keep the transition clean. And what this means is starting AND finishing well. How you left a season can follow you more than the storyline of you actually BEING IN the season.

Whatever season you are in, think about how you can defuse any fire storm that could be following you. Instead of creating negative story lines, honor the season when leaving it as much as when you’re in it.