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56: Normals of Transition

Today Havilah talks about transition, about knowing when it’s time for change.

Some people like to jump the gun when it comes to transition and other people sit in transition until someone kicks them out the door.

This podcast will give you some ideas of when to know it’s time for transition.

It’s interesting because the moment one jumps into transition questions rise up about whether it was a mistake and this is completely normal.

You can be doing all the right things and be spiritually growing in the Lord, but then suddenly you can feel fear. It’s important to know not to buy into fear.

The Bible says that it is impossible to please God without faith (Hebrews 11:6) which means it is impossible to live a life of pleasing God without living in an extra reality of the natural.

Just because you feel fear doesn’t mean you are going in the wrong direction. Fear can mean you are going in the right direction.

If you want to follow the calling and purpose that’s on your life, you’re going to have to figure out a strategy for fear. That doesn’t necessarily mean trying to get away from fear but living through fear and not letting it dominate any decisions.

Sometimes the struggle isn’t that we don’t want to do it but that we don’t want it to cost us. But you are not able to go where you are called to go unless you are willing to pay the price.

Here are four things people experience during transition:

Feeling fear, which is normal. We must walk through it!
Having to say “No” in order to say “Yes”. That’s the trade; the trade-off is where it happens.
Not wanting to go through with it. Stay in the process!
Walking from day to day. When in transition giving yourself permission to be in the day to day is so important.

Don’t hang out waiting for God to make the decisions for you; God is not going to give you a prophetic word if it’s going to keep you powerless.

Give something God can bless! He can’t bless transition if you’re not going to make it!