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258. Nurturing Powerhouse Part 1

This week we are diving into a message Havilah shared at Bethel on Mother’s Day.

Here’s some of what she dives into: Jesus was sent to Earth and he was sent to live in Mary before his feet ever touched the earth. Mary needed to only create a safe place for the Savior to be born and be developed. Mary was given a womb, and that womb would hold life. It would create life, and it would change the course of history. Some of us as women, we have forgotten that God didn't put us on the earth just to solve problems, but he's actually given us power to nurture. In fact, you as a woman, you are a nurturing powerhouse. You have an ability to contain and hold life and develop it until it is safe to be on the earth. Think about it; men and women are different. No matter what society says, men and women are different. We don't have to make conclusions about that. We can see simply just in our genetics, in our body, that there are differences that God created. Women are the only ones who create life. They're the only ones with wombs.

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