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256. Habit Hacks: Part 4

I noticed that reading books is great but I really grew when I joined classes and there was accountability there.

When I joined the Habit Lab earlier on this year, Jenna helped me by giving verbiage when I got stuck. There was permission we all got in this class knowing that we weren’t alone and there was a cycle and pattern we all personally had. I also realized we were going deep, and getting into our belief systems. 

Today, we started a habit lab mastery course, The Habit Lab is a 10-week mentorship program to help create the right habits you need to finally live a life you love.

You can join the waitlist for next round here: https://truthtotable.com/habit-lab/In this online mentorship program, you’ll be guided by habit coach Jenna Zint as she takes you through each step of her proven method for overcoming the obstacles that get in the way to being the person you truly want to be.

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