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253. Holy Habits Series Part 1

In this month’s series we are going to talk about Habits!

A lot of people have heard of the Atomic Habit book, and how that’s changed people’s lives. Well, this month I want to share with you my friend’s story and how she found herself in her lowest moment in life and with God’s grace she figured out how to come out of that moment and it was through habits!

Join Jenna, and I this month as we talk all about how to implement really clear, simple but transformative habits in our daily routines. And the reason we’re talking about this is because I’ve had a transformation in my own life and you guys know me, I don’t share things that are just good ideas. I share things that make sense, that work and that I try and I often, want to tell you guys about those things.

So buckle up and join the journey into healthy habits.

We have a quiz we came up with to help you find out what area in your life is needing some healthy habits, it’s shame free, and easy to take. Check it out: https://truthtotable.com/habit-quiz/

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