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247. I Dream Big Series: Part 4

Welcome back to our series called I Dream Big. Today, we’re going to look at another way to figure out the specific dream of God in your life: through covenant. Our culture tends to glamorize the dreamers and visionaries of the world: Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Oprah… But the truth about dreaming is: The one who partners with the visionary is just as important.

God places the people in our lives we are meant to run with. Oftentimes, God will give one person the dream or encounter, then bring other people in to help carry it out. It’s very important we stay connected to the dream and keep dreaming even when we’re not the visionary.

God will divinely orchestrate relationships to carry out His dreams on Earth. It doesn’t matter if you dreamed it or were the carrier, ultimately, relationships are important to God. They’re how He builds His kingdom and will continue to build it from here on. If you want more from this I Dream Big series, check out the 20 day video series here: https://truthtotable.com/i-dream-big/

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