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237: Living with Intention Part 2

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Today we continue our talk on living with intention. I love practical teachings, and today it’s all about practicals. I want you to stop and ask yourself some questions about how you are living your life.

Questions like: What’s your aim? Your goal? What does success look like for you?

The truth is if we don’t know what our aim is then we may miss the target because we haven’t been living with intention to get there. So join me in this week’s episode as I walk you through some questions and thoughts for you to apply to your daily life.

Also I can not mention Havilah’s Author School, it’s a 4 month school for those who have dreamt or thought about writing a book. I will walk the process from beginning to end with you to get your first draft witten and in your hands! This school is a live, interactive mentorship and we only have 200 spots so make sure to go enroll today! For more info on that check out this website: https://havilahsauthorschool.com/Have a great week and thanks so much for tuning in today! Make sure to share this podcast with your friends and stay tuned for the rest of the purpose challenge!

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