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234: Purpose Series: How to Set Goals You Can Stick To

Welcome to day 4 talking about Purpose! Today we are unpacking the secret to setting goals that actually create change in your life. If you are just jumpin on to this episode you are welcome to go back and binge listen to all the other ones. This is a 5 day to purpose series, and for those who want something more I have a Masterclass on this topic that unpacks more great things that I actually practice daily.

Here’s the link to join: https://thepurposemasterclass.com/

So here is where to find me and come say hi, this weekend I will be traveling to Costa Mesa, to Eternity Church, and there is still time to join us! The following week I will be at Potential church in Florida with my husband and one of my sons. So if you are at any of these events please come say Hi and let me know you’ve listened to this weeks episode!

Have a great week and thanks so much for tuning in today! Make sure to share this podcast with your friends and stay tuned for the rest of the purpose challenge!

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