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231: Purpose Series: Get Clear on Where You’re Going

We have been hosting a purpose challenge and thousands of you have joined to begin to discover your purpose or to add some momentum to the purpose God has for your life.

Today we are jumping into day 2 of purpose! If you missed last week, you can still listen to it here in the podcast. You can also still sign up to be a part of the purpose challenge, where you will get daily links for 5 days with activations for you to walk into your purpose with confidence. There is also an invitation for a full masterclass on purpose, that you will get once you sign up for the challenge.

This weekend I’m headed to Evangel Church in North Dakota for a conference, so I will see some of you there! I’m really glad you are here, this podcast is a work of love.

Today’s episode is about getting clear on where you’re going, let’s get into it!

Here’s the link to register for the 5 Days to Purpose Challenge: https://5daypurposechallenge.com/

Thanks so much for tuning in today! Make sure to share this podcast with your friends and stay tuned for the rest of the purpose challenge!

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