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229: Summer Series: Every Day Wins – #8 Health

For all my friends that live in Texas I will be at Cedar Hills, on September 16, registrations are still open! I hope to see you there, here is the link for that: https://ladies-night-reign-trinity-church-of-the-assemblies-of-god-1.pushpayevents.com/booking/attendees/new

Today I want to talk about winning in our everyday in the area of health. I am not someone who is naturally bent to take vitamins or workout, I actually have to be super intentional about it. So today I want to share some tips and tricks that I do that has helped me lose the weight I wanted, become healthier and have more energy. I took a huge turn 2 years ago on my health and I’m not trying to be thin, I’m trying to be strong. I hope this episode encourages you, I want you to be the best version of yourself that God has called you to be. Take realistic steps, don’t set your goal too high, but so things daily that will help you have wins!

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