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204: Focus Series: Part 2: Focus in Transition with Daniel Giles

In today’s podcast, we are continuing on with our FOCUS SERIES with special guest Daniel Giles.

Hear Daniel’s story where he moved from England to America without a plan but was willing to jump into anything! Daniel learned how to follow the favor on his life which led him to the marketplace. From running multiple Starbucks stores to climbing to the top at Apple, and now running an extremely successful business with his wife Deborah, Daniel has experienced many different corporate cultures in his life!

In this conversation, you’ll learn what it looks like to stay focused in the workplace. Learn practical keys to success and how to go the extra mile in the corporate world. The most successful people are really aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Explore what it looks like to be a successful leader.

God honors work and hard grit! You are in control of your destiny and you get to write that script with God! Daniel shares that his word for 2022 is “investment”. Invest in yourself!

When we become our best selves, it’s better for those around us! Do you have a word of the year? If so, we would love to hear what that word is!

This episode is packed full of incredible wisdom! You can find Daniel on Instagram at @daniel_giles!

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