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199: Spiritual Gifts Pt 3- Gift of Discernment (with guest Kris Vallotton)

This week Havilah interviews Kris Vallotton about the Gift of Discernment. Listen in as Kris breaks it down as the gift of discerning the spirits and how you might already be operating in that gift without realizing it! Havilah and Kris share their personal experiences of how this gift shows up in daily life – how it might be that you are ultra perceptive of the atmosphere that someone else is bringing into a room. Hear them discuss how to discern what belongs to you and what does not, how to operate in this gifting with vision, grace and love and common pitfalls that can occur. Also – learn how you can begin to activate the gift of Discernment in your own life right now!

Kris Vallotton mentions his book Spiritual Intelligence which can be found here. Kris is a foremost authority and expert on operating in Spiritual Gifts and has numerous books and resources which can be found here.

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